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Jeremy Hunt Is Desperate to Ditch the Energy Price Cap. Too Bad His Own Voters Need It

Novara Media, 8 March 2023

Welcome to TERF Island: How Anti-Trans Hate Skyrocketed 156% in Four Years

Novara Media, 20 February 2023

Transitioning Is Good For Trans Teens

Novara Media, 3 February 2023

Labour Is Wrong – Private Healthcare Can’t Save the NHS

Novara Media, 10 January 2023

The UK Has Its Own Mass Incarceration Crisis

Novara Media, 2 January 2023

People Want Action on Climate Change But Also Want Climate Protesters Locked Up

Novara Media, 30 November 2022

Does Jeremy Corbyn Need the Labour Party?

Novara Media, 22 November 2022

No, Sunak Probably Won’t Close Labour’s Poll Lead

Novara Media, 2 November 2022

Cost of Living Crisis? Not for the Rich

Novara Media, 12 October 2022

Britain Is a Nation of Bootlickers, Polls Suggest

Novara Media, 21 September 2022

Could Nuclear Actually Solve the Energy Crisis?

Novara Media, 12 September 2022

Voters Already Hate Liz Truss

Novara Media, 30 August 2022

The Biggest Lies About the Rail Strikes, Debunked

Novara Media, 27 July 2022

Private Jet Use Shows Why We Must Abolish Billionaires

Novara Media, 22 July 2022

Right to Buy 2.0 Is an Unmitigated Disaster

Novara Media, 21 June 2022

Landlords Are Getting Off Scot-Free in the Cost of Living Crisis

Novara Media, 25 May 2022

Ahead of June’s Elections, a Revived French Left is Uniting

Novara Media, 6 May 2022

Autistic People Are More Likely to Be Trans. So What?

Novara Media, 21 April 2022

What Happened to France’s Socialist Party?

Novara Media, 4 April 2022

Putin Didn’t Create the Cost of Living Crisis

Novara Media, 24 March 2022

When Will the West Stop Underestimating the Far Right?

Novara Media, 1 March 2022

A Few New Bus Lanes Won’t ‘Level Up’ the UK – But Upping the Minimum Wage Might

Novara Media, 21 February 2022

Poor Brits Live Much Shorter Lives. What Can We Do?

Novara Media, 20 January 2022

Like It or Not, New Labour Offers Important Lessons for Saving the NHS

Novara Media, 3 January 2022

The Polls Look Terminal for Boris Johnson

Novara Media, 21 December 2021

Is Britain Ready for the Omicron Variant?

Novara Media, 8 December 2021

Will the Tory Sleaze Scandal Finally Nix the Party’s Polling Lead?

Novara Media, 24 November 2021

Cop26 Is Little More Than a Cop-out

Novara Media, 11 November 2021

Rachel Reeves is Wrong – This is Exactly the Right Time to Take Energy Into Public Ownership

Novara Media, 27 October 2021

Who’s More in Touch With Voters, Labour Members or Labour’s Leader?

Novara Media, 12 October 2021

Britain Needs to Get Over Its Obsession With Flat Taxes

Novara Media, 27 September 2021

Finally, a Green Party Leadership Race Worth Following

Novara Media, 16 September 2021

Will the Lib Dems Ever Escape the Shadow of the Coalition?

Novara Media, 30 August 2021

Social Democrats Need the Left, Just Look at Europe

Novara Media, 18 August 2021

As Labour Sleeps, the Greens Are Awakening

Novara Media, 2 August 2021

Has the Pandemic Shifted Britain Left?

Novara Media, 21 July 2021

With Labour Barely Holding Batley and Spen, Is It Time for Starmer to Quit?

Novara Media, 2 July 2021

Leftists Are Panicking About Unite’s General Secretary Election. Should They Be?

Novara Media, 21 June 2021

TERFs Don’t Speak for Women – But Don’t Take It From Me, Look at the Polls

Novara Media, 8 June 2021

Keir Starmer Is Dragging Down Labour in the Polls. Is It Time the Party Cut Him Loose?

Novara Media, 25 May 2021

Proportional Representation Won’t Solve All the Left’s Problems, But We Should Back It Anyway

Novara Media, 12 May 2021

Labour Is Bracing Itself for a Rough Ride Next Week. What’s Actually Going to Happen?

Novara Media, 27 April 2021

Imagine Starmer Is Polling Badly. Now Times That by Ten.”

Novara Media, 31 March 2021

Tony Blair is wrong – Labour doesn’t have to ditch its manifesto and start again

The Guardian, 26 February 2020

It was Brexit, not leftwing policies, that lost Labour this election

The Guardian, 21 December 2019

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